Returning from SXSW

I’ve been slack a lackin’ on my blogs as of recent and part of the reason is a little trip I took to Austin last weekend for this conference called South by Southwest aka SXSW. Maybe you’ve heard of it?

The week leading up to this event I completely checked myself out of my life because there was nothing more exciting going on besides the wonders I was about to experience in Austin.  And experience I did.

But the point of this post is not to brag about my adventures but what I learned that correlates to my studies.

Fortunately, I completed my first app: a personal portfolio.  It is not complete in any way but it works and functions (and looks like) an app.  Complete with iOS stylized forms and geolocation I would say its a standing achievement towards what I am learning and wanting to become from this program.

When I started learning how to make apps, let me tell you I had no idea what to expect and what I needed to learn in order for these apps to work.  I thought I had to be responsible for the zooming capabilities, the automatic keyboard functions and all that jazz, but luckily Apple has that covered.

I get to play with all the fun stuff.

And by all the fun stuff I mean jQuery and AJAX.

Completing this first app and what I learned from SXSW has allowed me to be more comfortable with where I stand in my education and preparing me after graduation but it also motivated me and inspired me to learn more about apps.  I received a free design for mobile book while at SXSW and have a few others that I will be plowing through over spring break whilst working on my capstone.

Recently I completed this site for my law class manipulating some JS functions that I partially wrote.  Basically, it’s a jQuery scrollTo idea but it’s something to be proud of when you are teaching this stuff to yourself.

I hope over spring break and I can build a small app to start building a portfolio of this skill that I have.  Also, I’m going to start WordPress (bum bum buuum).  Should be an exciting break.  And yes, I am totally serious.

If you want to see my app, open this link on your mobile and click “add to homescreen” in order to see the app in action.

And that is all for now.



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