Why Doesn’t Congress Grok The Internet?

Many people don’t quite understand fair use, let alone the majority of copyright law, so when seeing this question in a panel I knew I had to take a gander at what was going on.  What’s interesting is that Hollywood seems to have the least understanding of IP law but they abuse this law the most, and then they work for large corporations that get them money, so it all comes full circle.  And these “squabbles” will keep continuing because at the end of the day its not who has to follow the laws and who doesn’t but what laws will work for everyone (if that can happen).


The panel tried to steer from a Congress-bashing discussion, but it can be hard when discussing tech-heavy issue because there is ignorance to tech in government standards and how to control tech.  Tech redefines what is fair use and originally when these laws were made they didn’t consider tech because there wasn’t tech to consider, just Hollywood and their stealing, ahem adaptation of original stories, novels what have you.  Musicians were stealing songs and styles.  You know, all those people who are making millions of dollars and wanted to protect the $100 they were losing.


However, tech individuals are the ones making big bucks these days, so when it comes to deciphering fair use there needs to be a objective view point.  How about we let the average Joe make some decisions too?  There needs to be a balance in the law because they represent the people, all the people.


It is not just ignorance to tech.  It is ignorance to our laws and what they do and who is making them.  Someone needs to come and fix the laws back to original principle.


Most importantly, everyone needs to read and understand SOPA and PIPA.  America stands for freedom and expression and I am getting redundant to how these two acts show so much restraint against those things.


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