Spring semester of the Elon iMedia program requires all students to complete a very large and very solid project to display the skill set we have learned throughout our months here. Check back and reread months.  And some people may be thinking what could possibly be displayed as solid, groundbreaking, mind-blowing work after months of study?  Welcome to the iMedia program.

Cassie (my partner) and I are designing an iPad application that will repurpose the book series “A Song of Ice and Fire” aka the Game of Thrones series.  For those of you who have read the books, you know how extensive these books are, but also how they redefine the literary world.  The rich detail and profound character development creates blister fingers from the fast page turning, and then George R R Martin goes and kills that character.  He’s not afraid to do it, making him that much better of an author.

I love the development work I have learned and create from this program, but what I also love is reading.  I consider myself a bibliophile and I wish I could preserve all books in the entire world.  By joining these two forces, both Cassie and I have created a passion that is needed to complete these projects in the allotted time we have.

The app will be a companion to the series, allowing readers to follow the viewpoint characters in the book through the world map that Martin has created.  Character information, along with house and religion facts will accompany the app, yet it is important to have readers better understand and dig deeper into such a great series by comprehending it more.  I, myself, had to backtrack and reread past sections to understand all the plots and I read the five books (that are out) back-to-back.  It’s intense. And now its an HBO show and I could cry by the amazement of the show reproducing the story, but like all book adaptation, pieces get left out.  Hopefully, the show has led viewers to read the series, and hopefully this app will help those readers enjoy the series that much more.

Cassie will be completing the interface design, while I will develop the application in iOS.  The project is due in May, the 11th to be exact.  Hopefully, we will have heard back from the author and HBO on our project.  Till then, check back to see ugly, sleepless pictures of me as the weeks go by.  Did I mention we have to take other classes parallel to our capstone?  It’s gonna be fun.


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