It’s here…

And by it I mean me.

I am writing a non-class related blog. And it ain’t the first time I tried this. Blog fail.

I figured since I have to write blogs for three classes and I still have time to either rant or rave about stuff outside of these classes, I should share with whoever wants to rant and rave with me.

Let’s begin with an intro.

I am in Interactive Media, aka iMedia, student and I love coding and web design.

I [will] live in Chicago [when the program is done] and I love my city.

I also love coffee, soccer, hockey, books and music. And pizza. Nom Nom Nom.

I post a lot of stuff about interesting stuff, and it is interesting. From web design, to techy news, to geek news, to coffee love, to latest books, to the Blackhawks kicking ass, to topics I am learning, and, of course, the occasional rant.

To give you an idea, here are the latest things I have posted:

Why Ryan Gosling is better than Bradley Cooper:

Awesome business card ideas :

The battle of Snow White movies:

Google’s new (and awesome) music service:

and so on…

I looooove to tweet so follow me on Twitter. No, seriously, go follow me on Twitter.

So, yeah. Here’s to my start. Cheers!

P.S. stay tuned for an update on my new hair. I don’t consider myself uber girly, but I am transforming my hair… again. Pixie cut in may to hella blond in November. It’s science.


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